where it all began

In 2017, we put together a large event centered around farm-driven cider to be held on Halloween night. Given that a cider event of this scale had yet to be held in Philly, there was no knowing what the response would be, especially on a holiday night. With the help of a collective of awesome Philly chefs serving small plates, we were able to pull off a wildly successful event that proved to be just the motivation we needed to embark on a bigger project. This year, we felt inspired to call on our peers from other local bars and restaurants, who have long exhibited their shared love for this historic fermentation, to help us launch Philly's first week dedicated solely to cider. 

The intent for this week is to honor specifically purist-style cider, meaning crafted primarily from heirloom, antique, and wild apples local to the maker, pressed on site, and made without the use of adjuncts. Our mission is to expose the Philadelphia region to the world of ciders that share an honest connection to the land on which they are grown, showcase the history of various styles, and promote the longevity of the apple-growing/cider-making community, both locally and worldwide.

We can't wait to raise a glass with you!

With love,

Philly Cider Week